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Propane Safety

Providing a safe propane experiance is the primary focus of our drivers and technicians.

When our employees arrive, they first identify the approved and safest route to access your propane tank. Then, prior to leaving, they again assess their route to ensure the safety of your family and property.

Serving You

When our drivers begin delivery they perform a tank safety assessment to ensure that the propane tank and line fittings are in good condition and free of leaks. The drivers are trained to maintain awareness of safety concerns that may affect the condition of your propane system. 

When interruptions of service occur, our employees perform the state required leak test at the time the fuel is reintroduced to your home. The test is completed to ensure that the situation causing the interruption of service was not due to an unknown leak causing you loss of fuel and a hazardous situation for your home and family. 

System checks are recommended to be performed every four years and any time a customer is concerned about possible leaks or irregularities in their system. These concerns may be due to an increase in propane usage, a foul odor around or near the home and equipment or just for additional peace of mind. 

Protecting Your Property

Protecting Your System: Tank Check

Protecting Your Home: Leak Test

Protecting Your Future: System Check

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