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2017 Safe Installation Rebate

Kitchen Gas Cooking Appliances: $200.00

Water Heater: $300.00

Dryer: $100.00

Furnace or Boiler: $500.00

Direct Vent Heater or Hydronic Heating System: $500.00

Propane Stand-by Power Generator: $500

2017 Safe Appliance Rebate Program

Having a propane appliance installation inspected by a qualified technician can give you the confidence of knowing it was installed safely and is ready for use.


Apollo Propane is pleased to provide installation services and inspections along with Westman Heating and Repair. Upon completion of installation, our technician will perform the safety inspection as required by the Safe Installation Rebate Program.


If an appliance is installed by another installer we will be happy to perform the required inspection after installation and assist in the completion and submission of the rebate application.


The rebates being offered by the Colorado Propane Education and Research Council are currently available, though funds are limited. Please call our office to confirm availability and to have your pre-approval for rebate issued.

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